I have an extremely creative daughter. My hope is she will use these God given talents her entire life. My husband and I don’t know where this came from. She amazes me with what she can do. One of the things she wants to do in life is start a YouTube channel. She feels like all the conditions have to be perfect. She needs one theme, nice equipment to film, tools needed to do her tutorials or whatever she decides to focus on. She needs all these things before she can begin.

I am stuck learning about the YouTube generation from my son. He watches these people that have self marketed and have grown into semi celebrities. I have watched these people start out sitting on their bed talking into a phone, to having the top filming items with fancy backdrops, or even rooms devoted to their filming.

They started with what they had. Some of them did not even have a goal yet, they just started talking. One of the girl gamers my son watches even talked about this lately, and showed her beginning videos. She was telling the world, if you want to do something….do it. Use what you have. Who knows where it will go. I was stressing this to my daughter….don’t wait, do it now! Use what you have!!

Two hours later, I was telling my husband for the hundreth time…..man, I want to start a blog! I am bad at starting things and never finishing. I am bad at getting bored with things easily. I get frustrated and if I don’t feel like I can perfect something, I quit. My mind comes up with brilliant (of course!) ideas. But within an hour, I have had 100 more ideas and the old ones weren’t so brilliant. I started thinking about what I was so loudly telling my kid. You want to do it, just do it! Don’t wait till you have a main focus, just start it and see what happens. Just start talking.

So here I am, just blogging. Will I write in this for years and years, and leave my children an awesome journal of all things their moma thought about? Will I make some world altering events happen? Will anything I have to say help anyone at all? Probably not. But I’m going to do what I told my daughter. Use what ideas you have today, use what tools you have now, and just do it!

So to prove my point to Taylor I’m going to do as I say, this one time, and just start blogging.


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