Alligators, Pulse, Gorillas and Facebook

I can’t comprehend some things I hear. I’ve been off Facebook for a few weeks. I haven’t seen or heard the public’s outlook regarding recent news.

My daughter was visibly shaken this week. When she explained what this was about, I teared up myself.

Apparently there are some sick people in this world. Even sicker than I thought. Somehow these people have no empathy, maybe they just have no feelings at all.

A baby was playing at a Disneyworld hotel. He was walking with his dad at an area that is advertised as a “beach.” I know this because that “beach” is what actually made me choose the hotel we stayed at when my own family went. When we saw this “beach” it was pretty much a letdown because it’s really a lagoon. A strip of sand along murky looking water. There really wasn’t much to it and we only went to it once.

An awful tragedy struck this baby and his family, and he was attacked by an animal and drowned. I told my husband last night, it’s just so senseless. I’m sure this family never thought they were in any danger at this “beach.”

At the end of the day, that is what it is- a senseless tragedy. If anyone is to blame, then personally I blame Disney. Everything is geared towards kids. There should have been some warning for people that don’t live in Florida. Not all of us have the general knowledge that alligators live in many bodies of water there.

Back to my daughter.

She saw some memes on Facebook. (Memes are the  snapshots you see posted online that have one liners, meant to make people laugh or cry.) These memes ranged from sex jokes, to sick jokes about this specific accident at Disneyworld. I did not believe her. No way were people that cruel or thoughtless as to find humor anywhere in this story.

I was wrong.

She showed me just one of them-that was really enough for me. I saw an alligator laying on his back, on concrete. The legs were tied up. The picture showed police cars, and officers walking around. The one liner showed the alligator saying-What? I haven’t ate no kids!

I don’t see the humor myself. I looked at this picture to see what type of people commented on this, and maybe to see if I could figure out the reason. The comments I saw were basically: tagging someones name, people lol’ing and people saying oh wait it’s too soon, and then others saying why are people upset about this baby vs the little one involved with the gorilla. I saw people saying the parents actually hurt the child and the alligator was just getting the blame. I saw one man stating the obvious problem- it’s not funny and it’s sick.

I was in total shock, I still am. I heard about this gorilla issue a few months ago. My only knowledge is that a child fell into a gorilla setting at a zoo. The gorilla had to be put down, but the child lived.

Apparently this caused an uproar on Facebook too. The parents were persecuted by the public for not watching their kid. The zoo was persecuted for putting the gorilla down.

I don’t understand. If it comes to a human versus an animal, I believe the human needs to be saved. If there was a chance that baby could have been hurt, then as sad as it is-it had to be.

Both of these were God awful accidents. Maybe I’m missing some huge chunk of the news that would allow me to understand the other reactions. Or maybe other people in the world are missing major elements that make us human-empathy and compassion.

Facebook/Social Media is a good thing. It helps people stay in touch and I like the fact that my family can see what we are up to, and how quick my kids are growing up. But it has also turned into a place where everyone jumps so quick to say their opinion. Sometimes, just maybe those opinions should be kept to yourself. We live in a world with sick people. I’m a firm believer in finding the positive in every negative, but to find humor in such a tragedy, I’ll never comprehend this.

I personally can’t find any humor in the Pulse tragedy, the baby at Disney or the gorilla. All these families are in my prayers. I believe I will say a prayer for the people that can find humor in any of these stories.

I don’t expect Perfection when people post, and I understand every one has their own opinions. I love that about us, it makes people interesting and have our own stories. But I do expect that we should think before we post.

It is a thin line, I guess. I’ve seen people get offended over some of the silliest things on Facebook. But on the flip side, I didn’t see enough people get offended over the meme my daughter showed me. No one really said anything. And I stood in my living room outraged and wondering how in the hell was this funny.